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мій делегатський рапорт

ATypI delegate report by Viktor Kharyk


2007 September 21. Viktor Kharyk’s presentation “Old Slavic Alphabets and New Fonts”and his report about AtypI Conference and Brighton placed at Ukrainian Typography Community:
  2007 September 24. Andrij Shevchenko presented his typefamily Oksana in six fonts.

2007 November 1. New Cyrillic fonts by Dmytro Rastvortsev for women’s magazine LQ:

 2007 November 8. Presentation of a book “Aesthetic of a hand-written script”
by Vitaliy Mitchenko edited by publishing house “Gramota”, Kiev 2007:
Mitchenko’s web-site:

 2008 February 28. Opening of the exhibition “Artist Books” in Kiev-Mohyla Akademy

 2008 March 31. Presentation of a book “Essays About History of Ukrainian Graphic Art of 20th century” by Olga Lagutenko edited by publishing house “Grani-T”, Kiev 2007:

 2008 May 23-25. The traditional (since 2006) “Fest of Cyrillic” in Kharkiv with fonts and calligraphy exhibition, calligraphy and print sessions and seminars:
Vera Evstafieva “Fonts Projects”;
Vasyl Chebanyk “Graphic of Ukrainian Languages”;
Vitaliy Mitchenko “The Art of Quick-Script in the Space of Ukrainian Barocco”;
Oleg Matsuyev “The Project of Type Based on Russian Quick-Script”;
Viktor Kharyk “Little-Known Aspects of Slavic Alphabets and New Fonts in Old Stylistic”.
Alexandra Korolkova “Logic and Optic”:

 2008 May 27. The international exhibition of ex-libris and mini graphic art “Treasures of Trypilya Culture” opened in National Fine Arts Academy in Kiev.Besides modern graphic works some archeological objects were exhibited:

 2008 July 7. New name appeared between Ukranian font designers–SergiyTkachenko from Kremenchuk. His fonts can be seen at MyFons since April 9, 2008:

2008 September 8. Kirill Tkachov from Lugansk presented his experimental pixel fonts:

 2008 September 12. Andrij Shevchenko began to gather the virtual collection of print samples of Ukrainian letter “g”:

2008 September 17-21. The exhibition “Fest of Cyrillic” from Kharkiv was exhibited on AtypI conference in Petersburg:

 2009 January 11. Presentations of the first and second calligraphic courses in Kharkiv Akademy of Design and Arts by Alexey Chekal:

 2009 April 11. Open-air calligraphy session at National Fine Arts Academy in Kiev:

 2009 May 23-25 “Fest of Cyrillic’09” in Kharkiv, in program:
calligraphy on air balloons and on kites,
typographic in the city,
and seminars:
Alexey Dombrovskiy “The Lettering Experiments of Sergey Chehonin”;
Vitaliy Mitchenko “Diachronic Analysis of Morphology of Ukrainian Hand-Scripts of 16-18 centuries”;
Ilya Ruderman “Type Layering System”;
Vladimir Krichevskiy “Soviet-Ukrainian Artefacts of -ties Years Found in Moscow”;
Alexandra Korolkova “Some Words About Font Classification”;
Nikolay Taranov “The History of Slavic Calligraphy. Misteries of Glagolitic”;
Olga Varlamova “Vyaz, Poluustav, Skoropis – from Easy to Advanced”

 2009 May 29. Fedir Shulga and Sergiy Alekseyenko founded in Kiev “The workshops of black and white arts ARS FACTA” connected art of hand-made paper with letterpress printing.

 2009 June 1. Konstantin Golovchenko began his virtual project “Legacy” with essay about famous artist and graphic designer Mark Kirnarskiy (1893-1942?):

 2009 June 15. Presentation of Calligraphy School in Kharkiv founded by Panic Design Studio and Creative Workshop “Restoration and Book Binding” by Alexey Chekal:

 2009 August 4. Presentation of Alexey Chekal’s virtual collection of Stambul epigraphic:

 2009 August 19. Open-air calligraphy session at Boychuk High School of Applied Arts in Kiev:

 2009 September 4. Presentation of diploma project “Ukrainian ABC of New Typography” by Yuriy Antonov:

 2009 September 14-16. Ukrainian winners at International Type Design Competition “Modern Cyrillic 2009”:
Honor Diploma for the Excellence in Type Design in category Display design got Dmytro Rastvortsev for font DR Krokodila;
Special Diploma from organizers got Viktor Kharyk for typefamily Ladoga.

 Ukrainian font designers on MyFonts.

Andrij Shevchenko:

2007. Oksana Basic,
2008. ALS Agrus, Oksana Text Alt, Oksana Text Swash,
2009. Oksana Sans, Oksana Text Swash Cyrillic.

 Sergiy Tkachenko:
2008. Bladi Two 4F, Bladi One 4F,
2009. Abia 4F, Tovstun 4F, Modularico 4F, Rezzzistor 4F, Boldesqo Serif 4F, Droporado 4F, Nut Kit 4F, Tiap Liap 4F, Perfocard 4F, Codename Coder 4F.

 Main links for Ukrainian font design and calligraphy:

 Ukrainian Type Designers in Wikipedia

 Ukrainian Letter-Forms: History and modernity


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